Business & Commercial Insurance

This package policy can be tailored to suit the needs of your business. From cover for damage to your business plant & stock to business interruption and cover for your liability to others, this policy is designed to meet the needs of businesses – large and small.

We will take time to gain an understanding of your business and how it operates to determine the right amount of cover for you.


Covers your business premises from damage to buildings, contents, stock, tools and equipment caused by fire, storms, and/or malicious damage.

If you are a Property Owner we can also help you insure your Commercial Property or Commercial Strata.

Business interruption

Covers you for the loss of income if your business premises are damaged by an event you are insured for such as a fire or storm. It can also cover business interruption from public utilities and suppliers.

Public and products liability

Covers your business’s legal liability to pay compensation to people you might injure or who's property you might damage.


Covers breakage to shop front windows, glass shelving, display cabinets, sign writing and advertising signs. Many commercial leases make the tenant responsible for insuring the glass.

Theft and burglary

Covers your business for break-in and theft of your business stock, contents and equipment.

General property – Damage to property away from your premises

Covers you for loss, damage or burglary for property you take on the road with you or stored at a worksite away from your main premises like tools and laptops.

Machinery breakdown

Covers breakdown of machinery you need to run your business – manufacturing, refrigeration and air conditioners.

Electronic equipment

Covers you for breakdown of office equipment such as servers, scanners, printers and telephone systems.

Personal Accident and/or Illness Insurance

Protecting your income is one of the more essential areas of insurance for anyone that relies on their income to pay the bills. Whilst we are able to arrange personal accident and illness insurance policies, we recommend you consider contacting a life insurance broker to decide whether an income protection insurance policy may better suit you. If you would prefer to take out Income Protection insurance, we are able to refer you to a Life Insurance Broker.

Management Liability

Management Liability insurance cover is critical to every business’s effective and functioning risk management strategy. It provides cover for a company director’s personal liability, fines and penalties; employment practices claims and theft from the company by employees or third parties.

Cyber Liability Insurance

The information age allows us to collect and store more data and extract information around the globe 24/7. Existing insurance policies may be inadequate to respond to today’s exposures. Is your company prepared for:

  • Identity theft resulting from lost or stolen financial information of customers, credit card numbers, tax file numbers or other confidential information?
  • A cyber extortion threat?
  • An e-business interruption, resulting from a security failure or internet virus?
  • Costs related to a privacy breach notification of clients private details?

Tax audit

Covers professional fees (such as accountant’s Fees) incurred by you in connection with a tax audit by the Australian Taxation Office, or by a Commonwealth, State or Territory department, body or agency.

Corporate Travel

An annual policy covering business owners and employees on work trips in Australia and overseas:

  • Overseas Medical expenses
  • Personal Accident & Illness cover whilst travelling
  • Cancellation costs
  • Lost or Stolen luggage
  • Evacuation
  • Hire car excess waiver

What is Business Interruption Insurance

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