Please contact us to let us know about your claim and we will assist you with the process. We will help you to gather any required information or documents and we will deal with the insurer on your behalf. Remember – we are only a phone call away and we are here to help.

Making A Claim

Cars and Motor Vehicle Insurance

If the accident involved another person's car or property, please record their name, address, and registration number.

Remember: Never admit fault or liability with another party in an accident or a claim, this may jeopardize your claim. Simply advise you have insurance and will notify your broker.

Home and Property Insurance

You may be required to provide a quote for the repair or replacement of the damaged item and in some cases, proof of ownership and/or a repairer's report. We will discuss this with you and assist you with the process.

Workers Compensation

Please contact our office on 9841 4155 or for information on the Workers Compensation Claims Process please read the attached.

Enquiring about an existing claim

If you’ve already lodged a claim and you require an update on the progress of your claim, please contact our office on 9841 4155 or email us at

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